Lot.my is the perfect online store builder.

  • Easy to Use Very simple and user friendly. Easy for you and your customers.
  • Full Freedom Have full freedom on your store. Manage your biz your own way.
  • Quick Setup No installation or complex settings. Create your own store in 5 minutes.
  • Beautiful Designs Change your store design with our beautiful themes and backgrounds.
  • Cash or Credit Accept cash, credit card, Paypal, CIMBClicks, Maybank2U and more.
  • Safe & Secure Only you can edit your own store. Very safe and highly secure.

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What Lot.my store owners say?

"As the order and payment mechanism used in Lot.my is very systematic, clients are confident to purchase the clothes I sell. They can track the status of their purchase right up to delivery. For me, I get to see who my returning customers are and what are my best selling products." Nurhasilah Haris - asyllacollections.lot.my

"Saya suka dengan Lot.my. Syabas, memang baguslah Lot.my!"
Amirol Zulkifli - jersibola.lot.my

Get full e-commerce features.

  • Manage Products
    Categories, Inventories, Reviews
  • Setup Pricing
    Discounts, Postage Fees, Currency
  • Accept Payments
    Cash, Credit Card, Bank Transfer
  • Perform Marketing
    Customers List, Send Newsletter
  • Track Sales
    Orders List, Sales Statistics
  • Record Documents
    Printable Receipts, Invoices